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Smart Energies has a strong focus on the agricultural communities: 70% of our power plants are located on agricultural holdings


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    Construction of farm buildings

    Smart Energies provides you with new buildings, and finances the entirety or a part of the construction costs in exchange for the right to use the building’s rooftop to install a solar plant : fund the development of your activity while actively participating in the energy transition

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    Rental or renovation of existing rooftops

    • We pay you a lump-sum compensation or a yearly rental fee in exchange for a surface right on the rooftop
    • We cover part or all of your renovation costs in exchange for a surface right on the rooftop.
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    We cover part or all of your renovation costs in exchange for a surface right on the rooftop.

    Combine your agricultural activity with the production of renewable energy, and benefit from a third-party financing for the construction of your greenhouses or enjoy additional income in the form of either rental fees or a lump-sum payment.

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    Rental of your degraded and unused land for the installation of ground-mounted solutions

    Enhance the value of your wasteland or unused land by putting it at the service of renewable energy production

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Nos garanties

  • An offer tailored to your needs

    Our projects are jointly designed and defined with you to meet your specific needs.

  • A clear and transparent offer

    No development costs (building permit, feasibility studies, etc.) are at your expense. If your financial participation is required, this is defined at the very beginning of the project and is only paid for at the start of construction.

  • A turnkey offer

    Smart Energies manages all the administrative, technical and financial procedures as well as the maintenance of the power plant, to deliver a straitghforward turnkey project

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As a stakeholder committed to the energy transition, Smart Energies develops, finances, builds, and operates renewable energy production sites in Europe and Africa using solar or hydraulic resources.

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