A word from the President

Vianney De L Estang

Over the years, Smart Energies has become a benchmark for development and investment in decentralized renewable energy and power management, particularly in the solar photovoltaic industry.

In 2020, we surpassed the 200 financed and operating sites milestone. As of the end of 2020, we have more than 400 sites in operation or under construction. Our pipeline of solar projects is growing very fastly in France (including overseas territories) and Italy, but also in other countries in Europe and Northern Africa.

Our strategy is to produce green energy where it makes sense: closer to consumer zones, on rooftops or parkings, in areas where the price of electricity is high…There are so many places where you can install solar plants without any damage for the environment or the human activity!

We believe in the enormous potential of small, distributed projects such as roof solar panels or parking shelters. We are proud to have developed and financed a number of them and we wish to accelerate.

In France only, installing solar plants on 15% of existing rooftops would enable to produce more than 500 TWh per year meaning more than the annual electricity consumption of the country!

And the storage of this "fatal" energy? Yes it is necessary to develop it, and that is what we are doing as well, but producing green electrons in smart places remains our main challenge, there will be more and more green electricity needs due to the electrification of economy. Imagine the world in 2030 when 20 or 30% of the vehicles will be electrical vehicles run with batteries: what will recharge them with green energy at any time during the day? There will never be too much solar energy!

Vianney de l'Estang, CEO

As a stakeholder committed to the energy transition, Smart Energies develops, finances, builds, and operates renewable energy production sites in Europe and Africa using solar or hydraulic resources.

Smart Energies, Smarter Future