Our motto: Stay engaged with the times

Smart Energies has its origins in the SPTI Group that developed in the oil industry during the 20th century (import-export, refining, distribution). As a pioneer, the Group completely disengaged from fossil fuels in the 1980s to move to other sectors, in particular renewable energy and hydropower. When new renewable energy took off, the Group, with its accumulated experience in hydropower, strengthened its financial means, sold its interests outside renewable energy, changed its name to Smart Energies and reconstructed its management team with a clear objective: invest heavily in the energy transition.

Therefore, over the past six years, the Group has financed more than 260 renewable energy projets, mostly in solar photovoltaics.

Our values

A clean and affordable energy… : Our solar and hydraulic projects ensure less expensive renewable energy production and fewer gas emission. We give a central place to plants’ decommissioning and recycling.

… accepted locally… : Smart Energies is leader in the development and construction of medium sized projects. In France, projects’ sizes are in the range of several hundred kilowatts. Due to their size, they are also well integrated within the areas where they are located, and well accepted at a local level. This is the entire point of distributed production.

… and preserving natural areas : Where real estate is particularly valuable, like in Europe, our solar roofs or photovoltaic shadehouses ensure that natural areas do not suffer from heavy urbanization and that farmlands are conserved. In France, it is estimated that about 300 GW could be installed simply by equipping existing rooftops with solar solutions. Elsewhere, in particular in regions with desert areas and high energy needs, larger, ground-mounted utility-scale projects may prove just as appropriate.

Our commitments: financial sponsorship

Our commitment to the energy transition is also reflected in our generous funding of community solar projects. As such, we provide a financial contribution to Synergie Solaire, an endowment fund whose primary missions are to develop solar solutions (lighting kits, electrification of maternity wards) for economic, social or environmental humanitarian projects; to support the long-term operation of the solutions offered; and to bring together the skills of the French renewable energies sector for economic, social or environmental humanitarian projects.

Over the past few years, we contributed to financing a project to install solar pumping for market gardening located in Senegal, a project of solar rooftop to electrify a school and a dispensary in Chad or a solar installation for water pumping in Congo.

Synergie Solaire
Synergie Solaire Programme

As a stakeholder committed to the energy transition, Smart Energies develops, finances, builds, and operates renewable energy production sites in Europe and Africa using solar or hydraulic resources.

Smart Energies, Smarter Future