Business Lines

Renewable energy production

Smart Energies invests in renewable energies. The Group develops, finances, builds, and operates electricity production sites in Europe, in Africa and in Middle-East in the following sectors :

Solar photovoltaic energy

As of the end of 2022, the Group has more than 664 sites in operation or under construction, for a total capacity of over 200 MW and an annual production of 140 GWh of green energy, equivalent to the consumption of 70 000 people.

The Group has truly become a specialist in the development, financing, and operation of intermediate size power plants (average size of 750 kW).

The Smart Energies portfolio is growing strongly, in Europe and now in Africa and in Middle-East.

  • Alpes Energies
  • Apremont
  • Cestas Constantin14 Constantin15
  • Ecuries De Lansargues
  • Erable Commune De Losse
  • Evergrid
  • Loubiere
  • Solarmed1
  • Sunmed2
  • Sunmed3

As a stakeholder committed to the energy transition, Smart Energies develops, finances, builds, and operates renewable energy production sites in Europe and Africa using solar or hydraulic resources.

Smart Energies, Smarter Future