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We equip industrial, commercial and agricultural roofs as well as car parks

If you have buildings with more than 650 m2 of usable roof area, we can also develop our own solar project for your location and finance it. Depending on your electricity consumption profile, a self-consumption solution may or may not be considered.

If we use a self-consumption solution, we will install a solar plant on your building or your car park, of which you will use all or part of the energy produced at a lower price than what you would pay suppliers, thus achieving significant savings and improving your carbon footprint.

If your site is not suitable for a self-consumption solution, we will rent your roof or car park to install a solar power plant that will feed the energy it produces to the network.

We operate in Europe and Africa

Smart Energies is one of the only stakeholders to offer self-consumption solar projects for industrial and commercial customers on the African continent.

If you have industrial and commercial sites in Africa that consume permanent minimum power during the day (of the order of 500 kW or more) and are faced with the unreliability of the power grid or the cost of operating and maintaining your generators, we can install a solar power plant on your site that guarantees a minimum supply during the day and creates significant fuel savings.

Our solar offering can also be combined with power, storage or generator electronics (hybrid offering) to improve supply.

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As a stakeholder committed to the energy transition, Smart Energies develops, finances, builds, and operates renewable energy production sites in Europe and Africa using solar, hydraulic, and biogas resources in the regions.

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