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Why solar power in Africa?

Today most of the Group’s investments have been made in Europe, and in particular in France. The group will continue to invest in Europe, however, with this experience in decentralised renewable energy production, the Group launched its development in solar energy in Africa in 2015.

Solar energy is becoming an obvious choice on this continent, where:

Focus Afrique

Many areas are not powered by electricity.

When areas are connected, the network is unreliable, rates are high and there are frequent power cuts, creating a significant impact on education, health and the economy: every year, the poor quality of the electricity supply to companies costs the African continent several GDP points.

The oil-powered generator has so far been the main tool to compensate for these gaps, but it supplies a very expensive fossil kWh (35 to 40 cents / kWh).

The sun is very abundant in Africa and the cost per solar kWh has become extremely competitive. Although solar energy cannot meet all needs and is produced only during the day, it is already a big part of the solution for utilities, for isolated mini-grids supplying villages or for industrial and commercial consumers who have grown accustomed over the years to running partially or entirely on a generator

We finance African solar energy development

Smart Energies is positioned in particular in this niche of commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, for whom solar energy ensures a minimum daytime supply and significant oil savings, who have small capacity needs (starting at 500 kW), project size  Smart Energies knows how to deal with.

If you have industrial and commercial sites in Africa that consume permanent minimum power during the day and are faced with the unreliability of the power grid or the cost of operating and maintaining your generators, we can install a solar power plant on your site that will give you access to inexpensive, clean energy with a guaranteed minimum supply during the day.

Our solar offering can also be combined with power, storage or generator electronics (hybrid offering) to improve your supply.

As a stakeholder committed to the energy transition, Smart Energies develops, finances, builds, and operates renewable energy production sites in Europe and Africa using solar, hydraulic, and biogas resources in the regions.

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